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Energy. Tone. Mobility.

15 to Fit Method™ Pilates

15 to Fit Method™ Pilates

The 15 to Fit Method™ was developed to provide a simple, but effective way to improve overall health through a Pilates inspired wellness program.

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What is the 15 to Fit Method™?

Work your core.  Lift your glutes.  Total body toning.

15 to Fit Method™ is a unique version of Pilates involving rotational movement, especially designed Pilates reformers with the patent pending 15 to Fit Method™ Split Carriage and  individual attention.  This helps make our method safer and more effective.

It’s 15 minutes of Energy exercises, 15 minutes of Toning exercise, and 15 minutes of Mobility, with a few minutes of warm-up and a few minutes of cool-down. It’s a complete workout in 50 minutes.

We are more than just Pilates. We are the 15-to-Fit Method™, which incorporates contemporary Pilates, resistance training, and dynamic stretching exercises.

More effective.  More dynamic.  Simply better.

What’s the big deal with the split carriage?


The unique design allows us to do more total body exercises than just your average Pilates session.

“More often a good strategy is more useful and returns better results than just more effort.”

“More often a good strategy is more useful and returns better results than just more effort.”

Certified Balanced Body Master Instructor

Patrea Aeschliman

Patrea, Owner and Founder of the 15 to Fit Method™, has  over 35 years of experience in the health and fitness field. She is a national expert in the field of Pilates and Strength training.

What Our Clients Say


Since I’ve started at 15 to Fit, I’ve seen some major changes in my body. My posture is better, my shoulder injury has been rehabilitated and my whole body is stronger and more flexible.”


“15 to Fit has completely altered my outlook on what it means to exercise. My body has more endurance and strength now, than any other workout program has given me in the past.”


“I love Pilates and I love my body after 2 years of being with ya’ll. I am a real lady, with real weight struggles who doesn’t need makeup and the perfect outfit to come to an exercise class.”

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