15 to Fit Pilates, Barre and Fitness is far more than just a Pilates studio. We guarantee your results!

We offer the safest and most effective way to achieve the toned, healthy body you want in a fun, and encouraging environment you’ll love!

We have a comprehensive program using the 15 to Fit Tenets broken down into three areas:

  • Exercise

  • Mindset training with accountability

  • Nutrition

What Our Clients Say

Troy Before & After

Troy A.

Jennifer McGraw 1When I decided to branch out and try Pilates to mix things up, that was a big change for me. Once I went away from the big gym and came to the smaller studio at 15 to Fit, I found that I was able to get a better quality full-body workout.

Jennifer M.

timthumb.php_-120x12015 to Fit Pilates has been providing Pilates and yoga services for our Varsity football team for three years now.  Before we started Pilates on Saturday morning post game days, we were doing some weight training and light running for recovery.  I didn’t feel we were recovering as well as we wanted. Read More

Coach Streiff

DSCN2764-225x300-120x120Pilates is the best thing that happened to me. After the birth of my two baby’s back to back, one in May 2007 and another in May 2008, my body did not feel the same. I felt a constant tired muscle ache, back ache and carpal tunnel where at night my hands would feel numb while sleeping. As the day progressed I would feel a constant bloating. Read More

Rhonda H.

Sue RatcliffI turned to 15 To Fit and Patrea after sustaining yet another injury doing vigorous cardio workouts. I am a self confessed health nut and decided that I wanted to be able to keep up a good level of activity when I get older. I want to be that healthy 90 year old! I was worried that if I continued on my previous path that would not be the case. Read More

Sue R.
amy15 to Fit has given me better discipline about managing my time and making fitness a priority.  Previously, I had been getting injured from tennis and needed something to work out.  They have helped me make goals and keep them.  I’ve also gained confidence!
Amy G.

Heather-Smulyan-120x120I drove by many other studios on my way to Patrea’s studio because of her. I love it that she is well trained and well qualified and also makes me laugh. And that’s a good ab work out too! Pilates is fun with Patrea.

Heather S.

tjI just realized that I will always be a busy working mom with four kids, so I could make a decision to either take control or just be lazy.  I made the decision to take a personal interest in taking care of myself so I can also take care of my family.  I’ve become personally invested in my own fitness.  I physically feel bad when I don’t go to Pilates, so now I’m committed.

Toria S.

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