At 15 to Fit Method™, we offer two types of educational Pilates training: 15 to Fit Method™ Traing and Balanced Body Studio Training

What’s the difference between 15 to Fit Method™ training and Balanced Body Education?

15 to Fit Method™ is a new and innovative form of Pilates.  It differs from traditional Pilates in the following ways:

  • Involves more spinal extension
  • Helps to release hip flexors as you strengthen abdominals
  • Involves more rotational movement of the spine
  • Consists of more flowing movements
  • Involves more spinal articulation throughout the method
A Balanced Body Pilates education respectfully and comprehensively presents the works of Joseph Pilates. The signature approach teaches the repertoire, movement principles, class design and client specific applications of each exercise.

Below are the training opportunities available for both training platforms. As always, please contact us with any questions you may have.

15 to Fit MethodTM Training

You want to get your clients to their goals faster.

We did too. That’s why we created the 15 to Fit Method™

Balanced Body® Training

Patrea Aeschliman is all set to train Pilates instructors at the Mooresville location or online for virtual training!
Both are Balanced Body Master Instructors with decades of experience in a Pilates, fitness and wellness space. Their goal is to teach educated, creative and passionate teachers who can teach in group classes, niche markets and in private settings.

15 to Fit Method™ Training

Upcoming Trainings: