Seth Aeschliman, Sales and Marketing

I grew up around Pilates.  When I was three years old, my mom fell in love with Pilates, bought a reformer and started training clients out of their garage. She eventually opened studios in Indianapolis and Mooresville, North Carolina, outside of Charlotte.  

Growing up, I was always very active and played really hard. I was in travel baseball and basketball plus middle school team sports. As a little kid, I didn’t really do Pilates but would play around on the equipment when my mom wasn’t watching and try to make it dangerous. 

When I was 11, a huge growth spurt began that would cause me to grow 14” in three years (I am now 6’6”). Around that time, a colleague of my mom’s that was a high-level personal trainer for professional racecar drivers assessed me. He determined that my calves were getting super tight and predicted that I would soon have hip and back pain. Sadly, his prediction came true a few short months later. Upon his suggestion, as well as a few physical therapists, I began doing Pilates with my mom. I hated it! I thought it was for old people and couldn’t understand that all of the exercises they could easily do were hard for me (mind you, I was 11 and thought that even teenagers were old back then). Even though I did it very reluctantly, it did help me and within 10 sessions my back and hip pain resolved.   

I didn’t do Pilates again with any regularity until I was 12. At that point, my mom had some other instructors that were really skilled and I began to take classes and private sessions with them. After that initial time when I was 11, she never had to push me to do Pilates. I began to feel and see the benefits of it myself. As I grew, Pilates helped me remain healthy and improved my coordination. It helped me establish a very strong and properly aligned foundation throughout middle school. Due to these correct biomechanics, I was able to put on a large amount of muscle weight beginning with my freshman year of high school when I added weight lifting to my regimen.  

I started a landscaping business during Covid, which happened during my Junior year of high school. The grueling manual labor started to take a toll on my back. In order to keep working hard at my business, I had to get my back right. During this time, my mom and her lead instructor and manager Stephanie Loveira, had been hard at work creating a new type of Pilates that involved more rotational and dynamic movements. Stephanie consistently trained me twice a week in private sessions. Even though I had already been doing Pilates at a high level for at least five years I realized that this new method was definitely more challenging. These series involved just more movement in general. I just found that I used more of my body at once and the movements were more natural. In the 15 to Fit Method™, you work more functionally, and it is up to par with what athletes do. Since the age of 12 I’d been a fan of Pilates, but this stuff was next level! 

After a successful high school and travel basketball career, I ended up earning an academic scholarship and a spot on the basketball team of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. I have since developed a love for road races and Spartan Races in particular. I still do 15 to Fit Method™ twice a week, as it allows me to keep up a very active lifestyle with optimal health. 

Although I’ve continued my landscaping business Endeavor Projex, I’m excited to help my mom and Stephanie grow the 15 to Fit Method™ Education side of the business. I want to help expand the opportunities for instructors, studios and clients alike to practice this innovative approach to Pilates. Hopefully our new instructor trainees and studio owners will be able to replicate the packed studio my mom now enjoys!