15 to Fit Pilates, Barre and Fitness Workout Videos

If you’re looking for some great Pilates exercises to try or are just curious as to what Pilates is all about, check out our videos below! Here you’ll find helpful Pilates and barre videos. Our instructors are certified and experienced which ensures proper, safe exercise.

ABOUT US- Learn more about 15 to Fit and our instructors here!

Who We Are and What We Do at 15 to Fit

Patrea’s Injury Story

The 15 to Fit Story

Instructor Video- Kimmy

Instructor Video- Serena

Instructor Video- Karen


Barre Leg Lifts

Barre Squats

More Barre Squats

Kicks on the Barre

REFORMER EXERCISE VIDEOS- Here’s a little taste of how we do Pilates at 15 to Fit. ┬áThe exercise possibilities on the reformer are almost endless and will ensure you never get bored with your exercise routine!

Springboard Bicep Curls with Squats

Long Spine

Chest Expansion

Pike to Plank

Karate Chop on the Reformer

Kneeling Bicep Curls on the Reformer

Standing Bicep Curls on the Reformer

Long Spine

Lunge on the Reformer

Lunge Series on the Reformer

Carriage Froggies

Advanced Froggies

Side to Side: Short Box

Plank with Shoulder Stabilizers

Rolling Like a Ball

Neck Stretch Series

CROSS CORE VIDEOS- Our Cross Core equipment uses your own body weight to tone and strengthen that upper body!

Back Row with Rotations: Cross Core

Cross Core Knee Drive

Bicep Curls on Cross Core

Cross Core Tricep Press

V Ups Using Cross Core

Hamstring Work on the Cross Core

I Y T on the Cross Core

Cross Core Squats and Squats with Jumps