To our valued clients:

One year from today I was in Nice, France, with my daughter. As I was learning Garuda Equipment exercises from Eva Winskill, Brooke was sleeping in, waking to eat room service croissants with jam and finding great cappuccinos.

After my Garuda training sessions, Brooke and I would tour around, mostly for bread, cappuccinos and desserts. French pastries: they’re definitely a thing! However, we didn’t leave out culture either.  We visited The Picasso Museum and The Matisse Museum during our stay in the South of France. One painting in particular inspired me. This priceless work of art, over 70 years old, and it is still being displayed in a world famous museum with a “mistake” on it.  I won’t tell you where it is, but there was a part of it that was penciled in as an outline of a figure. In person, you can clearly see that he originally drew something that didn’t fit in his final vision of this painting.

As a recovering perfectionist, I projected that it must have been hard for him to see that mistake on the canvas. I also think that maybe he left it that way on purpose. He didn’t stop, trash the canvas in frustration, or just quit. After all, it ultimately became a beautiful work of art. I came back to that picture a few times because it absolutely captivated me.

Flash forward seven days from this picture. We made it back to the US safely on March 12, with 12 hours to spare before the shutdown began. On March 17, we closed both studios. Then, on March 18, we launched 15 to Fit virtual classes. I’m proud that we did our very best to take care of our clients within the first 24 hours of the shutdown.

That said, I also realize that mistakes were made. We definitely penciled in some errors on the canvas. For those we wronged, I apologize. Many of you couldn’t continue with your memberships for health reasons, financial reasons or both. We hope to win you back. 

For those that stuck with us, we all have an enormous amount of gratitude. We are doing a special promotion for our loyal clients that pressed on day in, day out and week after week to attend their virtual or in-studio sessions throughout this past grueling year. We are here for you and we are also here because of you!

A 15 to Fit team member will be reaching out shortly with a small gift to show our gratitude.

For those that joined us in the last year, we are so excited to help you reach your goals and look forward to earning your loyalty.

Finally, for those we’ve yet to meet, I hope you allow us the chance to work with you and help you transform your health and your life.

We are not yet done with the masterpiece that The 15 to Fit Method is becoming. We are creating, innovating and adopting new and better methods to help our clients and our community. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got!

Thank you for valuing your health, yourself and The 15 to Fit Method.