My 18 year-old son started Pilates when he was 11. He had all kinds of calf pain because his bones were growing so much that his muscles were too tight. Then, it shifted into his hips which hurt his back, which is why he initially started doing Pilates. But honestly, he thought it was super stupid and hated it and didn’t want to do it because his mom was the instructor. 
What changed?

We hired Kimmy. Sweet, young and pretty, Kimmy made all the difference.

He would literally say to me, “Why does Kimmy know so much more about this than you do?” I would say, “I trained her!” But at least Kimmy made him more receptive to Pilates and eager to attend, right?
So, when he grew nine inches in 2.5 years, Pilates had already provided a firm foundation for his body. 
Here’s what Seth has to say about Pilates:
“Pilates has made my body more durable as a whole. It has not only helped with my flexibility and coordination, but it helped strengthen muscles that do not get used regularly or even through other workouts, like lifting.  Being 6’6′, it’s easy to slouch, but Pilates definitely helped me overcome such issues associated with being very tall, and now I just feel better overall. As an athlete, it has helped me perform at a higher level and return from injuries faster.”