What’s so special about the 15 to Fit Method™ Split carriage?



It’s really what the additional allows our clients  to do on the Reformer.  

It’s much more variety of exercises that are total body and rotational. 15 to Fit Method™ is not just another studio teaching Pilates, but a revolutionary new version of it. Our method involves more rotational movement, more dynamic movement and more  this gets you faster.

Results, combined with our highly trained staff with decades of experience teaching movement, our unique method performed on the split carriage gets you results faster.  Much faster than continuing repeated bad movements at unsupervised chain type Pilates studios.  

Improved posture

Toned in all the right areas to help you look and better yet, feel great!  

Stop increasing the strength of your upper shoulders and improve the strength of your posture muscles to hold you in beautiful alignment with tall, confident posture.

15 to Fit Method™ premium Pilates, world class innovation right here in Mooresville. 

Unique version of Pilates involving rotational movement and

Cutting Edge

The first reformer of its kind in the United States,  15 to Fit Method™ has a patent pending on this device. 


It’s a safer way to do many exercises because there is more space on this reformer.  


There’s just more room on this carriage than traditional Pilates reformers.  It’s a much better fit for taller than average women and men. You don’t have to be teeny tiny to feel like you comfortably fit in at this studio.