What’s so special about the 15 to Fit Method™ Split carriage?

Embark on your journey to optimal fitness with 15 to Fit Method™ premium Pilates, a beacon of innovation nestled right here in the Lake Norman region. Our unique approach, featuring rotational movement, sets us apart as pioneers in the field, supported by the first-of-its-kind Split Reformer with a pending patent in the United States. Discover the unparalleled variety our proprietary Split Reformer equipment offers, empowering you to elevate your fitness journey to new heights. Opening up 360 degrees of movement, and unlocking total body and rotational exercises, the 15 to Fit Method™ transcends traditional Pilates instruction, revolutionizing the way you achieve results. Our method embraces dynamic and rotational movements, propelling you towards your fitness goals at an accelerated pace. With guidance from our professionals who have trained all over the world, you’ll experience transformative outcomes that far exceed the limitations of traditional Pilates studios. 

Safety is paramount in our studio, where the spacious design of our reformer ensures a secure environment for your workouts. Additionally, the generous carriage space provides unmatched comfort, catering to individuals of all sizes and heights. Say goodbye to feeling cramped and restricted – at our studio, you’ll find the equipment and space that lets you thrive and excel on your fitness quest. Experience the gratifying benefits of improved posture and targeted muscle toning, enhancing everything from longevity and appearance to self-assurance. Through focused attention on posture muscles, we’ll help you achieve a dignified, confident bearing that radiates from within.