Born in NY and raised in OH, Rhiannon was blessed with wonderful parents who encouraged her dreams.  In Columbus, while in college, she was the only marketing rep for Sony Music Label and also worked at the local music venue.  She enjoyed driving bands in her 96′ two door purple Saturn, facilitating meet and greets for bands like Korn and crowd surfing.  After graduating from The Ohio State University she moved to Denver to pursue her love of skiing and yoga.  For 6 weeks she lived in an ashram with monks in the Bahamas while receiving her yoga teacher training.  Aside from backcountry skiing in CO, she worked Author Sales for a top independent multi-media publisher whose catalog of authors included many renowned self care, wellness and meditation teachers. 

Rhi is a licensed Esthetician and for the last decade pursued a successful business development career within the Aesthetics industry. Years spent training staff at medical and destination spas traversing the country to towns like Sedona, Vegas, Santa Fe, San Diego, La Jolla, Texarkana, Midland, Lubbock, Oklahoma City and Wichita. In 2016 she traveled cross country a combined 8k miles in a two month road trip exploring many national parks.  She grew up playing sports and has always been focused on fitness and movement.  A reformer pilates enthusiast for more than a decade, she was always exploring new styles and methods to hone her self practice. It is a joy for Rhiannon to work for 15tofit after completing their 200 hour training program.  She feels privileged to work with such talented and inspiring teachers and takes pride in helping the local community achieve their specific goals.  It’s intimidating to start a new practice and she applauds those who show up, take up space and push past any self limiting voice.  There is always more to learn as a teacher. She enjoys how even “simple” exercises can be explored deeper and finessed.  Off the reformer she enjoys painting, cooking good food and spending time in nature with animals, family and friends.