Name: Shari Daddio

Age: 54

Occupation: 1st grade teacher

What made you decide you wanted or needed to start an exercise program? I had tried many programs and never seen great results.  Done Pilates at home and had success.  Always wanted to try reformer.

What made you start doing Pilates?  Always wanted to do reformer Pilates.

What do you like about Pilates?   I love it all! I love how it works every body part.  I love how it’s easy on my knees.  Other exercise programs were hard on my joints.  The flexibility has helped me with the sorer areas of my body.  I feel so much stronger than I ever have.

How long have you been doing Pilates?  6 months at 15toFit.

Have you done Pilates at any other studios other than 15 to Fit?  no

What results have you achieved since starting your program?  I’ve lost 20 pounds as a result of my 15toFit program, combined with a nutrition program.  The Pilates has been very helpful for me to keep it off.

How did you get motivated to achieve your goals?    I got sick of the way I felt.  I needed a change and needed to get to a point where I was the one do make myself do it.  This felt like the best way to achieve that change.  I also had some health issues and that motivated me to make that the time to start.

Is there anything about you that makes your exercise story unique?   I’m not a dancer or a gymnast, but someone who played sports.   I was never really into the stretching and flexibility components of fitness.  This program has made me realize how important flexibility is to our health, especially as you get older.

What would you say to people that haven’t been able to stick to an exercise program for encouragement?   Give Pilates a try because it’s low impact and it’s very enjoyable.  Getting into the studio with a bunch of other ladies makes it an awesome social thing too.  The instructors are very encouraging which makes me feel good about myself.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?   Try it!  Once you give it a try, you’ll want to continue for sure.  Especially after seeing the results.  This is the exercise for me and I will never go back to any other form of exercise.

What do you like best about 15 to Fit?  Love the teachers, and the people I workout with.  Love that I’ve met new people to connect with in the community.  And I have learned a lot about my body and what I can do to improve my strength.