WEEK 1 | Footwork
Place the 1/2 melt roller flat side down in the center of headrest and carriage, lying with head and tailbone on length of roller; pelvis is neutral.
This modification to footwork provides gentle compression to muscles around the spine as well as feedback about spinal position and stability of pelvis and shoulders.
  • Don’t stay on the roller longer than 10 minutes in any one position
  • Always do a few seconds of gentle rocking (spine on roller) or  3 Tuck and Tilts (pelvis on roller) or 3 Curls/Rib Length Access (shoulder blades on roller) to allow spine – – and nervous system to acclimate to the roller before performing exercises
  • If the roller “bothers” the client or doesn’t feel good on spine or shoulders (especially in footwork) feel  free not to use for that client
  • Use a sticky mat beneath roller if concerned with sliding or it moves
The Melf Soft Half Roller provides the same gentle stimulation and compression as the full roller while offering the stability and/or lower height needed for specialized populations. The Soft Half Roller can be used for Melt techniques  where you lie on the roller (Rebalance technique for example), a prop to challenge balance and control, and as a tool for feedback about body position and placement. The Soft Half Roller (as opposed to the full) is ideal for many different types of individuals, including those who are older, who have scoliosis , who have experienced a stroke or head trauma, or who have Parkinson’s or other neurological disorders as the flat side provides a wider base of support for the spine, pelvis and shoulders. The height  and diameter of the half roller also limits range of movement, is more stable (doesn’t roll with flat side down  and is easier to get on and off of if clients have limited mobility ( can’t lift hips high enough to place on full roller)  The latex-free roller is 36 inches long, 6 inches across (flat side), and  2 1/2 inches tall.
WEEK 2 | Feet In Straps | 1R,1Y | Flat Side Roller Down Under Widest Part of Pelvis, Sacrum Centered
       Frogs – EXHALE bend knees and tuck pelvis to imprint INHALE tilt pelvis to neutral as legs lengthen out
       Lift and Lower – EXHALE lower the legs and tuck pelvis to imprint INHALE tilt pelvis to neutral and as legs lift
       Circles -EXHALE lower legs and tuck pelvis to imprint INHALE circle out and up and tilt pelvis to neutral to scissor the legs closed
To Reverse EXHALE open legs out to circle down and tuck pelvis to imprint INHALE tilt pelvis to neutral as legs lift and close
WEEK 3| Mat Roll Down | Flat Side Roller Down      
Half Roll Down – While sitting tall near one end, roll 3x’s holding back of thighs and 3x’s arms reaching. May also be used with flat side UP.
*Roll down only as low as the client is centered and stable. Once the client wobbles, stop and stay there, inhale, find control and exhale to roll up.*
Roll Down Bar – Place roller flat side down, lengthwise a hand’s width behind sacrum (so whole spine rolls onto it )
*Contraindicated with the roller for those who can’t tolerate lumbar extension.*
WEEK 4 | AB 5
Ab 5 – Place roller flat side up under widest part of back of pelvis with sacrum centered on top of roller. Tell client to tuck the pelvis so lower back is imprinted.
       *Half roller as a prop deepens the tuck/imprint and lower fibers of abdominals (even with head down still it deeply engages abdominals and is great for neck issues.
*Can also be done with flat side up placed beneath center of shoulder blades (gives support in forward flexion and works upper fibers of abdominals