Week 1: Well & Oblique Roll Down

Seated in the well and forward facing with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Place hands at the nape of the neck. Inhale tall, exhale round down to tips of the shoulder blades. Hold for inhale, exhale to stack the spine. (5-6 reps)

For obliques, use the same starting position and after rounding down take an inhale, twist to the right, exhale using the left obliques to pull up to the starting position. (3-5 reps per side)

Week 2: Swan

To set up, place knees into the well and gently place the hips on the apex of the arc. *Depending on the client’s body composition, he or she will need to adjust forwards or backwards. For example, those with longer legs need more support for the lower half of the body and might place hips slightly past the apex.  Place palms down on the mat above the front corners of the base of the arc which should be under the shoulders. Extend legs and lengthen the lower body. Inhale, press into the palms to lift into swan. Exhale, lengthen to lower. (3-5 reps)

Week 3: Side Leg Series (from mat)

Place the right hip/thigh in the well and rest on the right elbow with both hands at the nape of the neck. Engage obliques to hold proper alignment while lying on the arc. Choose a few side leg series to cue (lift/lower, kick kick/reach, bicycles, etc.) and repeat on other side.
*You may want to add short box style obliques as well

Week 4: Jumping (quick or moderate only)

Place footloops on silver tabs of the reformer and set springs on 1R, 1Y. Place the arc (well side towards the wooden platform) over the shoulder blocks. Client should do a half well roll down to engage the abdominals before jumping. Parallel, Pilates V, second position and heel clicks all work well. You may also choose to add hand weights.