Kristen began Pilates at 15 to Fit back in February.  Although she had to take a break for a few months due to a hysterectomy, she came back in May with a vengeance.  After her hysterectomy, she developed a belly that she couldn’t seem to get rid of no matter what she tried.  She had never had a specific belly issue before, so this was proving frustrating.  Kristen then upped her game even more and began attending Pilates classes five days a week!  Not only did the belly go away, she saw her strength increase dramatically!  New activities like kayaking proved easier than she expected.
Not only did Kristen experience the hysterectomy this past year, she also endured an additional surgery and has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.  Initially, her testing was showing a rapid decline.  Since Kristen began Pilates, further testing has shown that the decline has significantly slowed and is now much more subtle.  How great is that news?!
So what does Kristen have to say about Pilates and to those who may want to give it a try?  “Pilates is the first exercise I’ve actually loved.  In the beginning, it was awkward because it’s new and you’re learning the equipment.  But I just stuck with it and I’ve seen the results! I’d encourage others to stick with it and listen to the instructor’s corrections.  The instructors are amazing.  They have been so patient with me. Sometimes I have to be retaught the exercises because of my memory, but they never make me feel like a burden.  They’re so good at praising you and giving great feedback.” 
Our instructor, Cyndi says, “Kristen has an unequaled energy in the studio.  She is so dedicated to her Pilates practice that what she has accomplished on the reformer is inspiring to both clients and instructors.  We love having Kristen in class!!”