Lynn & Paul at the Summit!

For May, I am excited to announce my first husband and wife team for client(s) of the month! Lynn and Paul have been working out with me together in a duet for several years now.  In fact, I have known Lynn for a very long time and she actually worked out with me before I became a certified Pilates instructor and did other types of fitness training.  We have been through a lot of exercise together!

One of my favorite things about these two are their wonderful travel stories—they are very adventurous travelers and love to hike in places like Utah, Machu Picchu and have even summited Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.  I spoke with Paul who told me how much Pilates has helped with his flexibility and from preventing muscle inflammation and tightness.  This type of increased strength and flexibility was certainly beneficial during the very grueling climb to the top of Kilimanjaro. Paul told me that he definitely felt much looser going into the intense climb. Lynn also told me how when she was in  Bali doing a treacherous ropes course that she thought to herself how happy she was that she had been doing Pilates for so long.  She told me that not only did it improve her core strength, but that it also increased her confidence at that moment just when she needed it most! .

They have always worked out with me personally and I am honored to say that one of the reasons they like our studio at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit so much is because of me!  You know it warms a trainer’s heart to hear things like that (not that my other trainers aren’t wonderful, but it is always nice to hear that people still like working out with me too!)  Paul also mentioned how he enjoys that in some ways Pilates is similar to yoga, but that he feels like it is even better because of the increased resistance from the machines—you get similar benefits as you would with yoga, but you are also strengthening even more.  They also like that Pilates integrates working out all the muscles in the body and doesn’t just focus on certain muscle groups the way many forms of traditional exercise does.

When Paul and Lynn first started training with me, Paul’s goals were really just to get himself out of the house to do something physical.  He wasn’t very regular about his exercise regimen and found himself doing things somewhat sporadically—often dependent on the weather.  It seems in the winter, he tended to get a little less enthusiastic about exercise.  They started doing Pilates with me regularly and have been dedicated and loyal clients since.    Because of this dedication and loyalty, I am happy to name them clients of the month!