I am excited to announce our April client of the month—Julie L.!   Julie is a busy woman—an attorney, wife and mother of two.  Julie is another of my favorite long term clients—she has been working out with us here at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit for nearly 4 years—the cool thing is she won her first sessions at a school health fair, and has never looked back since then (she had never tried Pilates elsewhere).  She enjoyed it so much that she has stuck with it—I would say any exercise regimen that anyone sticks with for that long must be working!

Her initial goal once she started working out with us was just to get generally more fit.  When she started seeing that progress taking shape, she added getting more toned and losing weight to her goals.  She has definitely seen major progress in her goals—she feels much more physically fit, much more toned, and can tell her core strength has improved greatly. No more “girl push-ups for Julie!  Additionally, once she combined her work outs with a healthier eating program, she has managed to lose about 20 pounds since starting Pilates.  She has kept up her motivation because she likes being challenged and likes to keep improving the difficulty of her work outs.  Her husband will also tell you that he appreciates the results of her workouts and loves seeing his wife in a two piece bathing suit!

The fact that the workouts are continually evolving and increasing in difficulty are also one of the things that she really enjoys about working out at 15 to Fit.  She feels like her work outs never get “old”—there are always new levels within Pilates that she can attempt to master so she doesn’t get bored and always feels challenged.  Her other favorite thing about our studio in particular is the fun instructors and the camaraderie that she feels among the clients.  I am proud to say that so far nearly every client of the month has said something similar about our studio—both of our instructors and clients.  This makes me so happy that everyone feels so welcome and has so much fun while there are here working out with us.

Julie takes advantage of our group reformer classes—she varies the specific class she takes so that she can get a regular reformer class and sometimes also takes the class that focuses on a lot of “jumping” to give her an additional amount of cardio work.

I am also proud to say that Julie also recently referred her own daughter to our studio and she has also started taking classes.  Her daughter knew how much her Mom enjoyed it and watched her strength improve and wanted to get in the game herself.  Her daughter also plays soccer and her team uses some of the ab work in their own training.  Pilates has allowed her to work on her core and on strengthening her muscles to improve her soccer game.

Julie wanted me to mention that she would like to share that as a woman in her forties (or for any age really), that she feels like some people might shy away from doing things like Pilates.  She feels like it is great exercise program for me or women of any age and that she plans on making it a “lifetime exercise.”  No better endorsement than that (well that and that she is willing to trust her daughter with us!)  We will be happy to have both of these lovely ladies around our studio for many years to come!