This month, I have decided to highlight one of my clients that has been with me the longest. Erin started with me when I first started training in Pilates and believe it or not, was working out of my garage!  That was nearly 5 years ago, and she has been a loyal client from the garage days to my first studio and my eventual move to our current studios.  This place just wouldn’t be the same without her around! 
Erin has been doing Pilates for over 10 years (she started in San Francisco way back before her kids were even born).  She is a staunch exercise hater and claims that Pilates is the only thing she has ever stuck with long term (even though she still loves to complain throughout her training sessions– but we’ve gotten used to it).  But I’d say doing something for 10 years+ is true dedication!  As I said, in those 10 years, Erin has had two kids and has managed to keep herself in great shape—with Pilates, walking, and a good diet (even though she is a huge food lover—she even writes a blog about Indianapolis restaurants, ). I always tell her, anyone who can eat as much as you do and stay in such good shape is doing something right (to be fair, she eats a lot variety-wise, but is extremely healthy in her portion sizes).
Erin tells me the things she likes about Pilates is the constant variation in the routine and exercises, and that she never does so many repetitions of anything that it becomes too boring.  She has worked out at several Pilates studios throughout her Pilates “career” and tells me she likes Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit because of the true connections she has made with our staff and other clients (she and I have become good friends over the years—we always joke that her sessions are sort of half work outs and half therapy sessions for both of us). We certainly always have at least a few good belly laughs while she is working out (for instance the other day when I asked her to do a certain exercise in a certain way, and she replied, “are you f$@*ing kidding me??”).  She did try a couple of other places in Indianapolis before she found me and did not feel like she was given the individual attention she needed or just didn’t make a connection with her trainers.  She does two sessions a week here (and often one yoga class as well) and is one of the most reliable clients I have ever had, and that is saying something for someone who flunked gym class in high school (her, not me!).  She always teases me that I have “a sickness” because of my love of fitness.
Erin’s goals have always been to maintain a healthy weight and strong body (and she would tell you to be able to eat lots of good food and drinks lots of good wine)—she certainly has met that goal, and continues to maintain her level of fitness as she continues working out with us.  She has recommended several friends as clients and is a fun person to work with.  For all those reasons, and because of her extreme dedication to her healthy mind and body, she is March’s Client of the Month!