It is hard to believe it is time for a new client of the month already—is it just me or is time flying by?  But I am happy to announce our February client of the month is Dee!    Dee is in her 50s and works as a personal assistant.  I am happy to say she was recommended to Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit through another one of our clients, Tom Griswold, from The Bob and Tom Show.  I love it when we get new clients through word of mouth from current clients!  And one of the reasons I have chosen Dee this month is because she has already referred me another client—her husband! 
But Dee’s story is impressive because for her first 50 years of life, she never had a good exercise habit—she really didn’t like exercising and found it too easy to give up.  She had also put on weight over the years and was very successful at losing 30 pounds through a healthy diet plan and exercise.  And as if losing all that weight wasn’t enough, she has now become a dedicated client here at 15 to Fit and we are so proud of her!
Dee has tried a lot of different types of exercises and she had even tried some other Pilates studios and wasn’t impressed with their classes.    She was looking for a place where the instructors would take her age and ability into consideration so she didn’t overdo it and injure herself as she had at other places (and then burn out as well).  She has told me how much she enjoys all of our instructors in her group reformer classes, and not only does she feel like we give her the personalized attention that she needs, but that she keeps coming back for the fun that she has each session.  She says she feels like the hour just flies by because she spends so much time laughing.  And you know, laughing is a good core workout too!  She told me it isn’t just the instructors that she enjoys either; she really enjoys the other clients.  She loves the social outlet that she has in her classes.
So when Dee came to us, she set as her goal to get into an exercise regimen that she would stick with and she wanted to further define and strengthen her muscle tone.  She feels like she has absolutely been meeting those goals. She has successfully kept up with regular classes and feels much stronger.  She loves that she “never doesn’t want to go” to class and she plans on staying with it long term.  And as I mentioned, she has already turned her husband on to it as well.  He has just started in the last couple of months, but we hope to have him as a long term client too—who knows, maybe he will be client of the month one of these days too!
So, Dee, welcome to our club of clients of the month! You go girl!