I am happy to announce our June Client of the Month- Mike F.!  Mike started doing Pilates here at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit about 2 years ago when he just happened to notice our studio.  He had never done Pilates before, and had always utilized a more traditional workout including weight training and running.  But after a hip replacement several years ago, he wanted to involve a trainer in his workouts so that he would stop constantly injuring himself.  He was also just looking for something different to do—he had just been doing the same workout on a stationary bike and then spinning through the various weight machines at the gym and was kind of bored with it I think.

He really liked the core strengthening that came with Pilates—he wasn’t constantly injuring himself because he had a trainer watching his form and making sure he wasn’t pushing things too far.  He was feeling stronger and felt his flexibility was greatly improved.  He liked the variety in the workouts and realized how important building core strength was to his overall health.  Before, he had just been focused on mass building and some cardio.  I think he realized that as he has gotten older, that core strength and flexibility are just as important.

Mike is also a golfer and can see the improvement in his golf game.  His increased flexibility has surely helped in this area as well.  And Pilates is such a great complimentary workout to many sports, but especially golf. In fact, I even wrote a post about it awhile back.  (You can read it here.)

Then, last year, Mike realized his ongoing back problems were going to require surgery—which he had last November.  After a few months of rehab, I was so glad to get him back in the studio several weeks ago.  I felt as his trainer that the best course of action would be for him to do a few private sessions to make sure that we both knew where he was physically and to make sure he didn’t overdo it in a group class.  Mike prefers the group classes though and is happily back as a regular client in classes twice a week!  I couldn’t be happier with his progress and am so glad that he has gotten back to Pilates.  I think Mike is a great example not just to men (Mike doesn’t understand why more men aren’t doing Pilates), and some of my slightly older clients, but to demonstrate how Pilates can be a great workout to incorporate even after a major surgery like this.  And for his perseverance and dedication, I am happy to name him client of the month!