I am happy to announce my choice for July’s client of the month, Brenda S! Brenda is a dedicated, loyal client, who even with a busy schedule and full time job manages to always show up for her group classes.  Brenda has been working out here with us at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to fit for 3 years this month (so what better timing for her to be client of the month right)? Happy Anniversary Brenda!

When Brenda started Pilates with us, she was really tired of her usual exercise program which mainly just included working out on her elliptical machine at home.  She was really looking for something different.  As luck would have it, she happened to drive by our studio and see our sign.  That motivated her to give us a call.  And since her first class, she hasn’t looked back.  She now regularly participates in 2 group reformer classes per week (including our “jump” class sometimes.  She likes having her classes on the schedule and feels much less likely to blow them off then she did when she was just working out at home.

One of the things she likes about Pilates in general is the fact that the classes and routines change all the time.  She likes how we are constantly shifting the programs so they never get boring.  She also told me that just when she feels like something is becoming a little “easy,” we shake it up and make it just a little more challenging.  That is how we keep you progressing.  We watch our clients as they work out and we NEVER want it to be easy!  Of course, we always want your work out to be fun too, but it should be challenging.  She also likes that Pilates works on all areas of the body as well as having its focus on the core.  She says she feels much more toned and muscular throughout her body.

Brenda likes our studio in particular because she likes the fact that the classes are very small (maximum of 4 people in most classes) so that even though they are a discounted price, you are still getting individualized attention from the instructors.  She knows if her form is bad in an exercise, that it will quickly be corrected.  And this is something that she feels may be a problem for her working out on her own.  It is too easy to learn something the wrong was and just continue that way if no one is there to correct you.  This will certainly not happen at 15 to Fit!  She also told me she really enjoys the way we are constantly integrating new equipment into our classes (she is benefiting from my equipment addiction!).  Most recently we introduced the TRX equipmentwhich is a completely different and lots of fun. 

Like other clients of the month, Brenda enjoys the camaraderie of the classes as well and told me how she has really enjoyed getting to know some of the other people who regularly work out with her in the same classes.  Her advice to others looking for motivation to exercise? Find something you really like to do and focus on that—she has found that here at 15 to Fit and we are so glad she did!

Congratulations Brenda!