Full Roll Up

Week 1: Knees bent, feet flexed, hands hold back of thighs or holding glute band placed behind knees. Slight roll back and up.
Week 2: Full roll up with supported roll down (hands behind thighs, etc.)
Week 3: Arm reach rolling down teaching imprint (Use yellow springs with bar at ladder)
Week 4: Full roll up with magic circle between palms.

Pilates Full Roll Up Benefits:

  • Works abdominal muscles
  • Promotes deep breathing which increases blood flow and circulating (in preparation for holiday shopping!)
  • Strengthens your spine, increasing flexibility and alignment
  • It has been said that one pilates roll up is equal to 6 regular sit ups!!

Key Cues:

  • “Abs scooped in”
  • “Ribs down/closed”
  • “Big ‘c’ curve of spine” (crucial for helping keep feet and legs on the floor)