Move Of The Month | September | STAR

Week 1: Kneeling Side Plank On Reformer (1R+1B or 1R) – Hand is on the footbar and knees stacked against shoulder blocks (similar to mermaid).  Push into footbar hand to lift up. Clients have a straight line hand to hand and crown of the head to knees.  Press and return the carriage.

Week 2: Kneeling Side Plank On Reformer (1R+1B or 1R) with the addition of 8-10 hip dips after pressing out.

Week 3: Stahl Bar Plank – Set each client up in a standing side plank position with feet parallel and together and hand on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th rung.  Advance to lifting/lowering the top leg and adding circles in each direction.

Week 4: Full Star On Reformer (1R+1B or 1R) – Press out and return or add same variations from week 3.  Clients should return the carriage fully before stepping off to work the other side.  Clients may also need to modify down and perform a version from a previous weeks.

**Standard clients should be on 1R+1B and lighter clients on 1R.**

Benefits of Pilates Star

Side planks help tone shoulders, obliques, and legs from heel to hip.  Star incorporates side planking benefits along with a major focus on upper-body stability, core strength and the challenge of keeping the spine and pelvis in neutral.  The alignment that is required in star improves posture and balance which leads to strength in the deep muscles of the low back to avoid back pain. Pilates is not about big movements – it’s about control and stability.  This is our most challenging monthly exercise thus far. Woot woot for another monthly move that is easily modified to perform at home or while traveling!