October 2018 – Star of the Month!

Congratulations to our Star of the Month – Amy Luckwaldt!

Amy joined us this year and has told us about how she feel so much stronger and more flexible! We love hearing that! She makes an effort to come at least three times a week and many times we see her four! She is dedicated to her health and fitness and we are excited to be beside her on her journey!

More About Amy

How long have you been taking Pilates?

Less than a year.

What do you like about 15 to Fit?

15 to fit has very knowledgeable instructors who create an atmosphere of achieving  results, while having fun.  The instructors have a commitment to the importance of health and exercise that they want their clients to experience.  The atmosphere is welcoming to people of all levels.

How has your body changed since beginning Pilates?

Increased flexibility,  balanced strengthening of muscles in upper and lower parts of body,  Feeling great about doing something that is good for me.

What have you done to achieve those results?

I have made a commitment to my Pilates routine.   At least 3 times per week.

What would you say to someone who has a hard time sticking to an exercise routine?

I would emphasize the importance of physical exercise and the favorable result it has on a person physically and mentally. Find something that is enjoyable and commit to it.  Then it becomes something that you want to do vs have to do.

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