One of my favorite pieces of Pilates equipment is the “chair”—I always tell my clients how much this piece of equipment can help your butt!  Again, the resistance is built around spring tightness, and can be adjusted for different strength levels.  It was originally called the “Wunda Chair” and was actually a piece of furniture (a chair) when flipped onto one side and then when moved upside down, became a piece of exercise equipment.  Originally the chairs were made of wood and padded seats and foot pedals (and some brands still are), but many exercise equipment companies (such as Peak Pilates, which is the brand we utilize most at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit) have developed more streamlined looking models that look less like furniture and more like classic exercise equipment.
The chair may look less complicated than the other machines, but is also really great at working your core and glutes as well as your arms and legs.  Exercises can be done sitting forward and backward on the chair, standing upright on your feet on the foot bars, lying across the seat or even sitting on the floor with hands and/or feet on the chair.  For as simple as it looks, this chair is amazingly diverse in its uses.  And I still think it is the best piece of machinery for tightening up your glutes to get a great tight rear end!
In both private sessions and group classes at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit, we almost always utilize the chairs as part of the workout.  One of the things I like about the chair with people who have never done Pilates is how quickly you can begin to see improvement here.  Exercises that seem very difficult at first quickly become more fluid and graceful.  These exercises work wonders at strengthening which ultimately not only tightens muscles, but helps to maintain great balance and flexibility.  And once you begin to see the results you can start achieving from the chair, it will quickly become one of your favorite pieces of equipment as well!
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