Pilates is such a great way for a new mom to get herself back into shape, whether she had a vaginal delivery or a C-section.  Any mom out there knows the toll a pregnancy takes on your abs (not to mention the rest of you!).  Pilates targets those core muscles in your abdomen and focuses on getting them back to where they were before becoming pregnant (and even better in most cases).
As a Mom myself, and as someone who has designed workouts (including my DVDs on the subject) specifically aimed at mothers, I take great pride in working with new moms.  I have studied what exercises work to mend the diastasis (or separation) of the abdominal muscles that occurs in every pregnancy.  There are certain exercises new moms should focus on to get these muscles back together, and there are certain exercises that a new mom should absolutely not do until the muscles are healed.  Some exercises can actually do further damage to the diastasis.  That is why I am so passionate about helping new Moms get their figures back in the right way.
Pilates is also awesome for helping your upper body and arm strength, which of course we find ourselves using so much more carrying car seats, diaper bags and babies around with us everywhere we go.  When we constantly carry things on one side (which most people tend to do) we can harm our posture as well.  Pilates well help keep your body evened out and strong.  It will also help your posture tremendously.
Finally, I truly believe that Pilates is beneficial for the mental health of a new mom as well.  Not only do you take the time to focus on your breath and its connection to your body, but you are just taking time for you.  As a new mom it is so easy to get overwhelmed and overtired when caring for a new baby that many forget to care for themselves.  By spending a little time on yourself, I believe mental outlook is greatly improved.  And a healthy mama means a happier baby.
Of course, all new moms should check with their doctors before starting any exercise program, but once you do, and you feel ready, order one of our amazing videos aimed at moms to do at home at www.gomomfitness.com or if you are in the Indianapolis area, contact my studio to set an appointment or join a class at www.15tofit.com .  We would love to have you. 
Adore your body!