I am excited to have recently added Ballet Barre fusion classes to our studio.  I have a little addiction to new equipment and this is one of the newest things we have so I am really pumped about it (and I am already plotting my next pieces of equipment to add, so keep your eyes on my blog—as soon as we get the new stuff, I will be sure and introduce you to it here!)  We installed a Ballet Barre around the studio and it is amazing how great a workout you can get just using your body and the Barre!  While there are certain aspects from ballet that are infused throughout the class, don’t think of it is a ballet class by any stretch!  You may recognize some plies and other ballet moves, but you will be surprised at the way we can use the Barre to give your entire body a great workout.  And if you have never taken a single ballet class in your life, it doesn’t matter.  There is no special skill or knowledge needed (and don’t worry if you can’t dance—it isn’t a dance class either).  The classes that are focused solely on the Ballet Barre are taught by one of my awesome trainers, Carmen Snider.

The Ballet Barre fusion workout is a great all over muscle workout.  Of course, we integrate a lot of Pilates principals into the class, so not only do your glutes and legs get a good workout, but so does your core.  This is a great class for increasing body awareness, as we focus a great deal on form and posture.  This is a tough workout, but one that most skill levels can enjoy and see great benefit from.  And we have a lot of fun doing it!
We also utilize the Ballet Barre in other Pilates classes and sessions as one piece of equipment in a workout integrating the other pieces of equipment in our studio.  I have had long time clients tell me how much adding the Ballet Barre has greatly increased the intensity of their workout.   If this sounds good to you, and you would like to try something a little new and different, check out one of our great Ballet Barre classes.  We are one of the few studios in Indianapolis offering such classes!  Check it out at http://www.15tofit.com/barrefusion.php.