The “Cadillac” is probably the weirdest looking piece of Pilates equipment with its springs, bars and fuzzy hand straps.  Many clients have commented on the fact that it looks like something you might see in a torture chamber.   It actually looks a little like a hospital bed, and in fact, Joseph Pilates first developed the Cadillac as a way to rehabilitate bed-ridden clients.  The Cadillac can be used in numerous ways at various skill levels.  It can be used for gentle stretching exercises, tough leg and arm workouts (utilizing the leg and arm springs) and even pull ups done while hanging from the top bars!  Some exercises are performed while laying on the bed, some while standing, and others while kneeling or sitting.  The Cadillac is an extremely versatile piece of equipment.  Using it will challenge your body to do exercises with just the right form and posture, thereby benefitting your form and posture!
Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit has one full Cadillac as well as several reformers that are convertible to become partial Cadillacs.  This is something that makes our studio unique, because we can use the Cadillacs both in our private sessions as well as in group classes, which most studios do not offer.   Come and see what the Cadillac can do for you.  Schedule an appointment with me or one of my amazing trainers at