“Sara comes ready to work hard in every session and loves to be challenged in new ways to keep her in shape for pickleball. It’s a pleasure to train such a motivated and strong woman!” – April
Sara says, “I love everyone at 15 to Fit, and it’s fun!  The classes always vary and you never get bored.”
“Pilates has helped me get stronger and just makes me feel good.  It has strengthened my muscles to support my bad back. 15 to Fit was so supportive after my surgery and helped me return to Pilates gradually. I really enjoy the energy and social aspects of the classes, and everyone does get close attention. Plus you get different emphases with different instructors. Then, I really like the individual sessions as they do such a great job of planning each session to target specific needs—and of course you know that April is a fantastic instructor . A combination of these two gives the best of both worlds!”
Congratulations, Sara!