I am really excited about a new thing I am starting at the studio—Client of the Month!  I am always so amazed at the effort and persistence of so many of my clients.  So often, you guys are MY inspiration.  Anyway, I wanted to come up with a little way to celebrate those who are inspiring me each month.
My inaugural choice for client of the month is Marlene P.!  She isn’t a long term client (yet) but in the months she has been coming (she started in May) I have been amazed by her persistence, enthusiasm and progress!  One of the things that makes Marlene’s story so interesting and impressive is that she came to Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit after about 2 ½ years of inactivity.  Marlene had been recuperating from a serious illness and it took that long for her to recover. She felt like after such a long period of not exercising, that her muscles had really started to atrophy.  She knew it was time to start some sort of exercise program, but she also knew she needed something that could safely get her body healthy again.  She had been through a lot and she didn’t want to overdo it.  She also knew her core was where she wanted to focus.
She found our studio through one of the promotions running at that time, and told me she instantly felt welcomed.  She felt like we all made sure to take her personal situation into account and make sure that the program she started was in her best interest.  She started out slow, but is now doing 2 group reformer classes every week.  I am proud to say that she says one of her favorite things about our studio is the personal attention she gets, even in the group classes.  She says she feels the instructors really care about what they are doing and it makes her more enthusiastic because of our enthusiasm.    She also said she appreciates that we are very careful with her (there are times when I have had to tell her to wait, that she wasn’t ready for a particular exercise), but that we all still push her to the extent of her ability—but in a safe and healthy way.  To me, that is one of the greatest accomplishments—for clients to feel our dedication and enthusiasm in the work we do. That, and seeing the amazing progress in clients like Marlene.
I asked Marlene what her goals were when she started and she said, she wanted to strengthen her core and body, but she also just wanted to “feel better.”  And now she tells me that she feels absolutely wonderful.  She feels that we have met and exceeded her goals.  I am so proud of her and so proud of my instructors too.  Hopefully reading Marlene’s story gets you motivated to start or expand your exercise repertoire.  I know she inspires me every time I train her.  And if you want some of the personalized attention that Marlene has gotten, check out our online schedule or call us at 317/281-6762. 
Congratulations Marlene!