I am totally excited to announce our second ever client of the month for November: Anita J.!  After discussing it with the other instructors, we all agreed that Anita has impressed us not just with her dedication to her exercise program but also because of her inspiring ability to make a fitness/health goal and meet it!

At the beginning of the year, Anita was looking to meet a couple of different goals.  First, she wanted to find an exercise program that could help tone and strengthen her core and she wanted to lose 15 pounds (and still be able to enjoy food, wine and beer which are part of her livelihood).  What was the thing that set her over the edge to make this goal a reality?  Her pants were too tight.  She realized when her clothes were becoming uncomfortable, that she was becoming uncomfortable.  She didn’t want to buy bigger pants; she wanted to fit into her pants better.  So she set up a personal program for herself which included healthier eating, spin classes several times a week, and 2 Pilates sessions a week at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit.  She does one advanced reformer group class and one private training session per week.  One of my favorite quotes from Anita when I asked her how she met her goals is that she looks at fitness as “a gift to herself.”  I think that is a great personal attitude and extremely empowering.
Anita told me some of her favorite things about working out with us here at 15 to Fit (besides for some of the friends she has made in class) which of course I want to share with you as well!  Anita loves to work out very early in the morning and enjoys the fact that we have very early morning classes (she is here at 6:30 on the days she works out).  She also told me that she appreciates the fact that all our instructors are so well trained.  We pride ourselves on our training and are continually working to improve ourselves.  (We can’t exactly ask you to do it and not do it ourselves right?) In fact, I am excited about some new training that our instructor Carmen is embarking on right now—but more on that later.  Anita also specifically mentioned the personal attention that she gets here at the studio.  Even in a class setting, she said she always feels like her personal fitness needs are attended to and she is constantly improving her form.
Anita is 50 years old and has worked hard to meet her goals this year.  She told me, at a certain age, “you gotta move to move.”  Love that mantra. She has also been a dedicated client for a year and a half and rarely misses a session.  She has had back issues in the past and feels like Pilates has been the thing to make her more limber.  So, you are probably wondering, did she get herself back into her pants? Yep! Did she lose the 15 pounds?  Yep!  And we couldn’t be more proud of her.   And for all those reasons, and just because she is so much fun to train, congratulations to Anita for being Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit’s November Client of the Month!