Hey all! Georgeanna here. I thought I’d drop by to write a line about our new Pilates/TRX/Barre fusion classes. I have been teaching a TRX/Barre fusion on Wednesdays at 9:30 am, and it has been a blast. I am excited to add more Pilates to the mix! A lot of you have done some TRX work in our group equipment classes, or tried out our Barre class when we had one. Maybe TRX scares you (heck, anything invented by the Navy SEALS as a method to keep THEM in shape is a little intimidating!) and maybe you haven’t had a ballet class since you were five years old. Well, good news: our Pilates/TRX/barre fusion classes aren’t bad, I promise. In fact, they are a great way to workout!
Let me back up. If you are saying “what is TRX?” I’ll give you a quick run down. TRX is suspension training, meaning you use your body weight to create resistance; no weights, no springs, nothing but this straps. The straps are designed to be used lots of different ways: hand in, feet in, ankles in, one hand, etc. This allows a mutlitude of exercises, some that are new and unbelievably hard, like this:
and some that are more familiar, and are based in Pilates principles (you already know!), like this:
If hearing the phrase “barre class” makes you fear I’m going to slap a tutu on you, rest assured. Barre classes are a legitimate workout method for people seeking fitness, not just people in the Bolshoo Ballet. In fact, barre classes are growing in popularity all across the USA (this V Barre, Dailey Method, etc.) People love that it is low impact: no running, nothing hard on the joints. Don’t get me wrong: you will still get a great workout. Dancers have incredible bodies, and they do barre every day. We tweak it so that you don’t need to dust off your pointe shoes, but you still get the incredible sculpting that barre work brings. It is great for men and women of all shapes and sizes and all athletic abilities! You won’t be doing this:
                                                                But you will be doing this:
And finally, we are adding in some Pilates to our fusion experience. Pilates will strengthen, stretch, and lengthen your muscles, which is a great combination with the cardio of TRX and the sculpting of Barre. 
So why TRX/barre fusion? Why not?! I know I love to change up my workouts because I fear boredom, so our fusion is fun and never gets boring. If you HATE TRX, you know we won’t be there a whole hour (and vice versa!) Because our classes are limited to four people, we can cater to YOUR needs in each class. You will have lots of individual instruction from our knowledgable instructors (me included 🙂
In conclusion, check us out! We have Pilates/TRX/Barre fusion classes almost every day!