You may have seen our owner, Patrea Aeshliman, posting on social media about her weight loss journey through food logging these past 6 weeks. As she continues her food logging discipline, she would like several of you to join her for a fun & friendly “Summer Slim-down & Shape up” client contest. 


Here is the scoop!


Prior to April 30th, we will collect your current weight and will take a few measurements through your mid-section. This will be done before or after class or during your private session. We will also help you determine your resting metabolic rate (RMR). 


Finding your RMR can be done in two ways: 


1. Your assigned instructor can help you determine your RMR using your current weight, age, and height. Using the Harris Benedict Equation, you will be provided with an estimated RMR for your body. 


2. If you would like a more accurate RMR read, you can register to complete an RMR assessment with Total Nutrition Technology. E-mail us for more details if this is the route you wish to take.



Beginning on Monday, April 30th, YOU & YOUR TEAM will receive points on a weekly basis for…


1. Logging your food on a daily basis and sharing those logs with your assigned instructor on a daily/weekly basis.


2. Sticking to or staying under your allowed calories for the day, which will be determined individually for you using your RMR (resting metabolic rate).


3. Attending Pilates classes at 15 to Fit. 


At the end of the 5 weeks, we will take your weight again and a few mid-section measurements again to see the difference in your body. You will receive additional points at the end of the final week for pounds lost and inches lost.


A few other details…


-The contest will run from Monday, April 30th through Friday, June 1st. This is a 5 week commitment, but we are confident you will see results! What better time to slim down and shape up than right before summer hits! 


-The entry fee for the contest is $49.00 


-You won’t be in this alone! We will be put you in teams of 2 or 3 people and you will be assigned an instructor to act as your “coach”. The instructor will be responsible for collecting your food logs each week, for giving you weekly encouragement, for recording whether or not you stayed within your allowed calories each week, for tracking your attendance, and for tracking the points you and your team earn each week. The team that earns the most points over the duration of the 5 weeks WINS! 


-The prize is a free ticket to a comedy show in June at The NC Music Factory’s Comedy Zone. We are planning a client outing in June and your ticket will be covered! Plus, you will receive two free drinks on us if you so choose! 


I think that about covers it! Are you up for it?