So, my goal was to lose 7-8 pounds of fat in April.  This was a prodigious goal.  The parameters of the diet were to:

  1. Find my RMR, (Resting Metabolic Rate) and eat about 200 calories over it.
  2. Eat 8-10 Girl Scout Cookies per day
  3. Do four 15 to Fit Workouts per week

The good news:  I lost 4 pounds and I’m in these white pants.  The white pants are significant because I bought them for my friend’s daughter’s baby naming ceremony.  That baby had her Bat Mitzvah last year, in other words, I bought them 14 years ago and they are fitting again.  I saved them because they’re my skinny pants.  I haven’t worn them at all outside of trying them on for 8 years!

Four pounds isn’t A LOT of weight to lose over a month but it’s still significant.  It was extremely uncomfortable for me to stick to my 1800 calorie limit because my activity level is high.  I still lost weight but stuck to around 2000 or 2200 calories a day.  It’s slower weight loss but I’m absolutely going the right direction.

My goal weight is 160 pounds.  I’m 5’9” and have a fair amount of muscle.  My body fat was 23% and I’d like to be at 20%.   When I graduated from high school I weighed 155 pounds.  I’m completely fine about now being 5 pounds over my graduation weight when I was a gymnast working out 20 hours a week.

Why?  Why am I driven to achieve this goal?  I want to do a press handstand.  I set this goal when I was 21 to be able to do this skill at the age of 30.  When I was 31 and could still do it, I set a goal of being able to do it when I was 50!  That’s a year and a half away and I need to get on it.  I can do the down, just not the up YET again.  Practice and leaning down will get me to my goal.

Why?  Another reason why is that I want to be an example to our clients.  You can lose weight in a reasonable way.  You don’t have to cut out all your favorite foods, eat gluten free, follow Paleo or whatever the latest fad diet is, YOU JUST HAVE TO EAT LESS CALORIES!  Eating fibrous vegetables will help you stay full and help you stick to your calories.  Track your food.  Yes, it’s tedious and not always fun but losing weight, achieving your goals and fitting into the clothes in your closet again is FUN!

I will reach my goal it’s just going to take me longer because I want to feel energetic and comfortable, not deprived of food and going to bed super hungry.  I’m not in a race to lose this and want it to stay off for the long term.

Take home message:  As long as you track your calories you can lose weight.  Even if you’re eating a treat a day such as a few servings of Girl Scout Cookies per day.  Track calories, control your portions, do metabolism boosting 15 to Fit Pilates, you will achieve your goals!