I told you all a few weeks ago that I was hoping to get some new equipment (which is a little addiction I have) and recently I purchased a new piece of equipment called the ladder barrel.  This is a wonderful device for deep stretches as well as targeted strengthening and flexibility exercises.  There are rungs in the ladder portion of the equipment that are at different heights that make it easy to accommodate various body heights.

It is great for spinal articulation and stretching hips—you can use the barrel to stretch on your stomach, on your side, or laying across on your back.  It is great to promote not only good flexibility as I said, but also help your posture.  The design of this piece of equipment is great for helping isolate deep core muscles—our favorite muscles to target!

As we age, this kind of spinal articulation is so great for helping to strengthen the bones and muscles that will keep us all upright.  I use the barrel as a compliment to the other pieces of equipment and there is nothing better than great deep stretches on the barrel at the end of a hard workout.  Give us a call and check it out…Your spine will thank you.