Maureen R!

Maureen just started doing Pilates here at 15 to Fit in June 2018. She had done mat Pilates at the gym but never worked on equipment.

She loves the way it makes her body feel! She said it is a different way of working out compared to weights, etc., and it works muscles that you didn’t think you used. She used to have Plantar Fasciitis but not since doing Pilates.
Maureen loves the way the classes are always changing and always feels like the class goes by so fast. At the end of the class, she really feels like she got a great workout!.
She realizes in order to stay motivated and be successful, you need to put in the effort and stay on top of things and get signed up for your classes each week.
To others on the fence about joining: She says JUMP OFF THE FENCE! You just need to join to see the difference! Don’t get hung up on price because 15 to Fit is better because the instructors really work with you for results from the personalized training;  to the attention to form;  to the encouraging environment.
Maureen also lost 8.4 lbs of fat in the Dare Challenge.