How long have you been taking Pilates?

I have been at 15 to Fit since August, and I did some Pilates about six or seven years ago.

What do you like about 15 to Fit?

I like that the exercises change and it’s not the same thing over and over.  I also like the instructors.

Has your body changed since beginning Pilates?

Yes, my strength and flexibility have definitely improved.  That is very important to me since I teach dance.  When I started Pilates, I had planter fasciitis.  However, since I began doing Pilates, that went away.  I also sleep much better!

What have you done to achieve these results?

I consistently take class three to four times per week.  I also do some Pilates at home, and I’m being much more conscious of my diet.

What has 15 to Fit done to help you?

The instructors at 15 to Fit help me stay motivated and have encouraged me when I’m struggling.  The instructors also make it fun, and that makes getting to class much easier.

What would you say to someone who has a hard time sticking to an exercise routine?

I would tell them to try Pilates.  I’ve found that the reason many people find it hard to stick to an exercise routine is because they get bored.  At 15 to Fit, it isn’t boring, and they make it easy to modify exercises.  I’d also say pace yourself, and just stick with it.  You’ll begin to see change within a month.