1. Lose Inches From Your Body: Pilates is a great way to firm up every part of your body, and lose inches.

2. Improve Your Posture. Remember your parents telling you to stand up straight?  Pilates will help you do this naturally. 

3. Improve Your Flexibility.  This is a key factor as we age, but is important no matter what your age.  I have had very physically active clients who came in tighter than people who never work out at all. Pilates can dramatically improve your flexibility and range of motion.

4. Help prevent Osteoporosis.  Resistance training is great for strengthening the body and preventing osteoporosis.

5. Improve Your Mental Health: With the Pilates’ focus on breathing throughout exercise, it helps you focus on the present moment which can help improve your mental health.

6. Minimize Back Pain.  You may have heard before that having a strong core will help your back immensely.  Many people with chronic back pain can be helped with a regular Pilates practice.

7. Pilates is the perfect exercise for everyone.  It is great for men, women, young and old and people of all physical ability.  All exercises can, and will be tailored to your physical fitness.

8. Moms–Fix that Baby Belly.  Many women who have had babies suffer from what is known as diastasis, which is separation of abdominal muscles.  Our Pilates instructors are trained in ways to heal that problem and therefore minimize that “baby belly.”

9. Personalized Attention from Trainers:  Pilates is one of the few exercise programs, even with group classes, in which you are constantly getting the attention of highly trained Pilates instructors.  You aren’t going to get this at the gym.

10. Improve Your Sporting Activities.  Pilates is great to help improve your other physical activities for all the reasons above.  Check out my posts specifically on Skiing and Golf.  And if you have questions about another sport, please let me know.