New to 15 to Fit? Register for a $75 $29 Introductory Private Session with Consultation

Click HERE to purchase and schedule your $75 $29 Introductory Private Session with Consultation.

If you prefer one on one personal training then this introductory offer for new clients is a great way to get started with The 15 to Fit Method Pilates! We are all about personal attention and results at 15 to Fit.  We make sure you do the exercises correctly to improve your results and safety.  Your health is important to us!

We also strongly suggest this private session to those that have never done equipment-based reformer Pilates or may need modifications due to injuries, aches and pains.

In the Intro Private session we spend about 10 minutes defining your goals in detail and determining what modifications you may need based upon your specific issues.  You then receive a 35 to 40 minute workout introducing you to the equipment in a relaxed environment.  We spend about 10 minutes presenting our program options to you and helping you choose the best fit for your goals, budget and schedule.**

**Make sure you book the correct trainer for the correct location.  The location appears as your trainer’s last name.  Patrea Mooresville or Stephanie Huntersville for example.

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