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Join us for this demo Pilates class for our new clients! It’s a great opportunity to get a taste of how we do Pilates at 15 to Fit!

It’s not just about what you burn, it’s about what you consume! This class will be 10 minutes of weight loss strategy, 10 minutes of technique based Pilates and 30 minutes of heart rate increasing, metabolism boosting cardio and strength exercises on the reformer and other equipment.

We will strategize on habit-based nutrition by focusing on the following topics: emotional eating, motivation to reach your goals, stress reduction techniques and the real world application of how to reduce your calorie intake.

Prefer a Private Session? Register for a $49 Introductory Private Session with Consultation

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If you prefer one on one personal training then this introductory offer for new clients is a great way to get started with 15 to Fit!

We also strongly suggest this private session to those that have never done equipment-based reformer Pilates or may need modifications due to injuries, aches and pains.

This 45 minute private session is curtailed exactly to your needs. You will become oriented to the equipment and familiar with the Pilates principles that help to flatten your belly, strengthen and tone your muscles as well as improve your flexibility, balance and posture. This is followed up with a 45 minute consultation. During the consultation we help you establish your goals and develop motivation to see your goals to the end!

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