15 to Fit Pilates Strong

The precision of Pilates exercises and breathing combined with weights for sculpting that results in an intense whole body experience. This class uses controlled moves emphasizing perfect form to define the body and build lean muscle mass. You’ll use hand weights, body weight, CrossCore, the Pilates spring board and the Pilates reformer.

15 to Fit Pilates Boxing & Burn

This class is 1 part Cardio Kickboxing, 1 part Toning, and 1 part Active Flexibility for a knock-out workout! Cardio kickboxing includes punching and kicking combinations that will make you feel strong and powerful. Combined with reformer and mat Pilates to increase flexibility, strengthen your core and tone your total body, you will leave fully energized! The result of this combination is a balanced mix of high-energy and focused intensity that aligns, tones and blasts calories!

15 to Fit Pilates Bootcamp

A combination of working hard on and off the reformer to keep your heart rate up and burn fat fast by mixing high-intensity, calorie-torching cardio work and lower-intensity, Pilates-based strength training. This class provides the benefits of Pilates with the results of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Research has shown that HIIT is a more efficient method than traditional steady paced exercise, as it burns fat, builds a healthier heart, tones muscles, and increases metabolism. The workout includes Pilates work on the various Pilates apparatus (reformer, springboard, mat) with functional body-weighted movements & plyometric exercises (squat/squat jumps, lunges, jumping jacks, etc.). A great class to lengthen & tone, burn more calories, and improve your endurance/cardiovascular fitness.

Moderate-Paced Better Posture & Core Strength

Goal: “When class is finished I want to feel energized, aligned & restored”  You will work on corrective exercises that will strengthen & re-align your posture & improve flexibility of your entire body.  This is a great fit for all levels but especially clients new to Pilates equipment classes.  50% or more of your session time will be on the Pilates reformer. Total body strengthening and focused work on abs, back and glutes.

All Level Defined Arms & Total Body Toning

Goal: ” I want to leave class feeling like I’ve had a great, challenging workout.” 2. This is an all level class and can be modified for beginners and advanced alike. You will work on defining your arms using our Cross-Core suspension trainers, the Pilates reformer and our 15 to Fit Toning Ladder & Springboard. 3. At least 50% of this class will be utilizing the Pilates reformer.

Quick Paced Toned Legs & Great Balance

Goal: “I want to feel like I’ve had a great, challenging workout.” You will tone your legs, improve your balance and increase your metabolism. 2.  Great fit for those familiar with Pilates equipment transitions and cues. Not recommended for those new to Pilates equipment. If you are unsure if you are a fit for this class, please ask your 15 to Fit instructors. 3.  50% or more of class will be utlizing the Pilates reformer.

Gentle Paced Restore & Increase Flexibility

Goal: “I want to leave class feeling great! I’ll feel energized and restored.” 2. Great fit for beginner and fitness enthusiasts looking for corrective exercise and stress reduction. 3. 50% or more of your session time will be spent on the Pilates reformer.

Moderate Paced Weight Loss Strategies & Cardio

It’s not just about what you burn, it’s about what you consume! This class will be 10 minutes of weight loss strategy, 10 minutes of technique based pilates and 30 minutes of heart rate increasing, metabolism boosting cardio and strength exercises on the reformer and other equipment.   We will strategize on habit-based nutrition by focusing on the following topics: emotional eating, motivation to reach your goals, stress reduction techniques and the real world application of how to reduce your calorie intake.

Private Sessions and Duets


We do classes differently at 15 to Fit.  Our classes:

…Never have more than 9 people!  We strive to help our clients develop good form and healthy movement patterns. Because class sizes are small, we can help correct errors in form and MODIFY exercises for our clients.

…TAKE ONE HOUR TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT TAKES TWO HOURS IN THE GYM.  15 to Fit classes are effective and efficient.  At 15 to Fit Pilates, Barre and Fitness, we’ve formulated Pilates to make it even more effective by combining it with vertical Pilates which whittles your waist, tones your legs, hips and thighs and banishes under arm flab for good.

…Are supervised and safe. We strive to change the way the world works out. We believe everyone, everywhere should be doing Pilates– it’s simply that good for you. Pilates is inspiring, intense, and fun. It’s a lifelong way to exercise. It’s systematically progressive ensuring you improve at a sustainable rate and has a much lower injury risk compared to other impact-oriented, low supervised exercise programs.

Private Sessions

We offer private personal training sessions for our clients who prefer or require one-on-one attention.  Whether your simply prefer a private or require private sessions due to an injury or medical condition, our instructors will design a workout based solely on your needs.  This 50 minutes of dedicated YOU time ensures an effective, motivational workout.


Snag yourself a committed workout partner and get ready to become a dynamic duo!  It’s always more fun to workout with a friend or family member. Our duet sessions consist of you, your workout partner and an instructor.  Again, these sessions can be curtailed exactly to your needs and preferences.  Duets guarantee a fun workout!


  • Classes are 50 minutes long and begin on time.
  • All sessions require grip socks
  • Classes require online registration in advance at
    (Please download our 15 to Fit mobile app for complete convenience)
  • Private sessions require at least a 24-hr notice online cancellation.
  • Classes require at least a 12-hr notice online cancellation.