Last week as I wrapped up my family reunion at a beautiful beach, I lamented over the fact that I would soon return to “normal” life.  Time to head back to routines, schedules and work!  I had thoroughly enjoyed relaxing and not having any real responsibilities.  But then I remembered, “Wait! I actually love my job and I’ve been doing it all week by the ocean!” Each day I woke, grabbed my towel and enjoyed several minutes of stretching, strengthening and mindful meditation overlooking the ocean.  This is the beauty of a great Pilates practice. My soul felt refreshed and my body was restored. It’s times like this that I am thankful that I stumbled upon Pilates a little over two years ago.

I love being active!  I grew up outdoors playing soccer competitively in high school and on intramural teams in college.  While in college, I took advantage of an opportunity to study abroad in Kenya that inspired me to travel the world. After graduation, I left my hometown to live in a tiny apartment in New York City. My eyes were opened to a world of culture, incredible challenges, and best practices in health and life.  I met my husband, Owen, shortly after moving to New York and we continued a path of discovery while biking, hiking and busing through China, Central America, Cuba and even back to Africa for the World Cup. In between traveling the country for work and the world for pleasure, I would run, take yoga classes and practice mat Pilates at the local gym.

My husband and I eventually left New York and settled into Mooresville, NC. Our family life was beginning and I shifted my focus from the corporate world.   One day, a dear friend shared her story of physical redemption from Pilates after a severe sports injury threatened her ability to be active. I was inspired and wanted to learn ALL that I could about reformer-based Pilates! I began to study texts, attend training workshops and practice teaching family, friends and any living body that would let me!  In 2017, I finally became a 15 To Fit Pilates instructor. I have thrived on developing relationships with each client to better understand their background, lifestyle and physical needs, and I believe that Pilates offers the whole package – strength, flexibility and balance- that leaves you feeling incredible, but always wanting more!