I am really excited to tell you all that I was interviewed and featured in a recent article in Natural Health magazine called “Love Your Body.”  Of course I love all the quotes they used from me in there, but my first reaction to the article was how much I loved the model they used to demonstrate the exercises discussed. She is not your typical 20 year old bone thin model that you often see in workout magazines. She is maybe in her 50s and while obviously fit, looks like a healthy, normal person (and I love the haircut and the shirt she is wearing.)

I also love that the article expresses my personal philosophy about exercise so well.  That exercise is meant to be a postive, beneficial part of your life, and not something to punish yourself with when you feel like you ate too much, or because the woman on the treadmill next to you is skinnier.  The article discusses setting goals for exercise that are realistic, and not something that is nearly unattainable, like having Tina Turner’s legs.

Check out the article though, there are some great simple exercises that I helped the magazine choose that focus on all the highlights of exercise–cardio, balance, flexibility, and strength. The strength exercise is one of my favorites–a classic push up. Maybe you can only do a few to start, but I bet if you keep it up, your endurance, and love for your body, increases!

“Love Your Body,” by Kate Hanley, Natural Health, March 2011.