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I just recently returned from a skiing trip in Colorado and have been thinking a lot about how great Pilates is for skiers.  Think about it, all the things that are central to Pilates—a strong core, great balance and posture, general strength and agility—sounds like the perfect recipe for great skiing to me.  One of the things that skiers typically need to focus on when they are skiing is a great stance, or the way they hold themselves evenly on their skis.  Pilates strengthens the core as well as the rest of your muscular structure, but it also just simply makes you more aware of how your body and its muscles function together—and how it all interacts with your breathing.  Honestly, I can’t think of a better exercise program for skiers.
Think about it, when you are skiing, your arms and legs work independently and your core, or torso area, which needs to stay strong in order to support all of that dynamic movement.  Think about how much pressure is on your feet this entire time too.  By strengthening and adjusting your core muscles as well as all of your leg and arm muscles, you are hitting all the high points you need in skiing.  By getting your balance perfected and your alignment in order, you will not be put an undue amount of stress on those feet (or your back and knees for that matter).
I have clients who are skiers and have told me how quickly their skiing began to improve since starting Pilates (not to mention their stamina).  I would be happy to create a custom program to focus on exercises to strengthen those muscles critical to skiing.  And any of our classes at Indianapolis Pilates by 15 to Fit could go a long way towards improving anyone’s love of skiing.

Me on the slopes!

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