How long have you been taking Pilates?

I have been taking Pilates since July 18.

What do you like about 15 to Fit?

I like the trainers and the personalized attention.  They also focus on attention to detail and are very particular on form.  I enjoy them being picky because I know I’m getting a better workout.

How has your body changed since beginning Pilates?

My posture is better, my shoulder injury has been rehabilitated, my whole body is stronger and I am more flexible.

What have you done to achieve these results?

I have been consistently working out two times per week.  I actually haven’t missed coming two times per week since I began.  I also use the My Fitness Pal app and track my food.  I’d honestly say my results are 75% nutrition related and 25% exercise.  The nutrition piece is so important!

What has 15 to Fit done to help you?

Well, first they had me download the My Fitness Pal app.  I had never heard of it before.  In addition, they give me a full body workout and now I am in much better overall health with a strong core.

What would you say to someone who has a hard time sticking to an exercise routine?

Get over it!  You just have to do it.  I’m not going to sugar coat it!

What makes you exercise when you don’t feel like it or make healthy food choices when you don’t want to?

Goal setting.  I just have a vision of where I want to be and I want to meet my goals.