How long have you been taking Pilates?

I have been at 15 to Fit for six months.  Before that, I did Pilates for five years.

What do you like about 15 to Fit?

I love the atmosphere.  It’s very comfortable and friendly.  It feels like I’m going to visit my neighbor rather than going to a gym.

How has your body changed since beginning Pilates?

I’m much more flexible and don’t have the stiffness with aches and pains like I used to.

What have you done to achieve these results?

I come to classes and I do private sessions.  I also do some of the exercises at home.

What has 15 to Fit done to help you?

I am able to move better and much more fluidly. 

What would you say to someone who has a hard time sticking to an exercise routine?

I’d say that this is the only exercise that I have done for more than a year.  With Pilates, you can do cardio, stretching, toning and even heal your body through the exercises.  It’s just the greatest exercise without the pounding and abuse to your body.