Five Rules of The Girl Scout Cookie Diet:

1) Find personalized, highly accurate Resting Metabolic Rate and Body Composition (Body fat percentage) using Human Performance Lab testing developed by PhD Exercise Physiologists.  

Patrea’s personal RMR, Resting Metabolic Rate, was shown via the test in the App State Human Performance Lab to be 1650 Calories.  Using this calculation as well as her body fat percentage from the DEXA scan, it is accurately determined that if she eats as close to her RMR calculation as possible she will lose body fat and preserve lean mass with enough protein intake.  Don’t just use the calculation from various apps.  They use an average formula.  It’s not specific to you enough.

2) Stick to consuming your RMR calculation as much as possible. 

This determination should be personalized and based upon your goals and activity level.   Patrea’s daily calorie goal is 1800.


The goal of the Girl Scout Cookie Diet is to stick to the personalized RMR calorie calculation as much as possible.  Despite all the wildly popular and extreme diets such as Paleo, The Military Diet, Gluten-free, Food Babe philosophies, Insulin-Resistance, Eat Right for Your Blood Type, etc. etc. ad nauseaum, losing body fat all comes down to a consuming less calories than you are using.   IT IS SCIENCE, NOT SCIENCE-Y sounding.



3) Eat between 8-10 Girl Scout Cookies per day.  

The rest  is a normal, healthy diet of vegetables, fruit and high quality protein.  Above all- stick to the calorie requirement!  Eat a lot of vegetables, they keep you full and help you stick to your calorie goal!

4) Do four to five 15 to Fit Sessions per week.  

These can be of varying difficulty levels and classes or private sessions.  Two quick-paced, two moderate or all level classes and one gentle is Patrea’s goal.

5) Log your food everyday of the diet.  

Logging food has been shown as the single most important factor in successful weight loss and maintenance.  It keeps you honest, motivated and triumphant!