The 15 to Fit Challenge
So people are often asking me about my company name “15 to Fit.” What does it mean, how did I come up with this? Well, generally, my name takes into account my philosophy that I will guarantee that if you follow our program for 15 weeks, you will become stronger (especially in those abs!) and more flexible or your money back. In a general sense, 15 weeks to fitness!

More specifically, I have started a program I am very excited about called the 15 to Fit Challenge. I have set up a special package including introductory private sessions, individual assessments, and group classes. You will get 45 Pilates Sessions with this Challenge!

This is a Wellness Challenge to motivate and commit you to following through with your health goals. Plus you have a chance to WIN $1,000!

$1,540 Value for $895!
What is included:
1- Private, introductory session
3- 30 min. Assessment sessions: Start Date, Mid term and Finish Date (15 weeks from Start Date)
45- Group Equipment Classes or Movement Classes

Assessment Sessions:
• Body Weight
• Body Measurements
• Strength Assessment
• Muscular Endurance Upper Body
• Muscular Endurance for Abdominals
• Flexibility Test

Challenge Rules:
Attend 2 of 3 of your assessment sessions. It is strongly suggested that you attend the midterm session between Weeks 7 to 9 but to stay in the Challenge you must be assessed at your Start date and your Finish date, 15 weeks later.

Attend 3 Pilates classes per week, either group equipment or movement classes. This is an average of 3 classes per week over the 15-week period. This doesn’t mean you can’t attend if you travel or are going on vacation. You just must be able to make up those classes either before you go or after.

Whoever has lost the largest percentage of body weight wins $1,000!*

*There must be at least 12 people entered over the 15 to Fit Challenge Session 2-2011 for the challenge to take place. Session 2- 2011 is defined as the period between January 3- May 23, 2011. Sign up now for this exciting challenge!

What if you don’t have a significant amount of weight to lose?

You can still enter the challenge and receive assessments and great Pilates sessions at a dramatically reduced rate.

One 55-Minute Introductory Private Session $75
Three 30-Minute Assessment Sessions $115
45 Group Equipment Classes or Movement Classes $1350
Total Value $1540
15 to Fit Challenge Price $996
One payment $895
Or 4 payments of $249

It’s going to be a new year; wouldn’t you like to start it off right, dedicating yourself to your own health and well being? If this sounds good to you, sign up here.

“After 10 sessions you will feel a difference, after 20 sessions you will see a difference, and after 30 sessions you will be on your way to a whole new body.” -Joseph Pilates