Coach Streiff

15 to Fit Pilates has been providing Pilates and yoga services for our Varsity football team for three years now.  Before we started Pilates on Saturday morning post game days, we were doing some weight training and light running for recovery.  I didn’t feel we were recovering as well as we wanted.  When I heard that the University of Florida’s football program was using Pilates with success I thought it would be worth a try.  At first the kids were skeptical but after they started feeling the results of increased flexibility, stronger cores and relaxation they became hooked and actually began requesting Pilates and yoga.  The relaxation element at the end of the sessions helps these athletes to relieve stress as well.  I also believe the entire practice of Pilates and yoga helps them gain better control of their breathing in challenging game situations.
We have stuck with 15 to Fit Pilates because they provide us a great, reliable service and have experience training athletes.

Coach StreiffHead Coach Cathedral Football, Cathedral High School, Indianapolis, Indiana, Winner of Five Consecutive State Championship Titles