What is Garuda Pilates?

Garuda Pilates is a more intuitive way to exercise the body. Garuda uses movement rooted in yoga, Pilates and dance to help you create greater ease of movement. The Garuda method results in a stronger, more flexible, toned body. It has all the benefits of a cardiovascular workout, but is also requires mental and physical strength, requiring focus and concentration during the exercises.

You’ll learn how to control your body through precise stretches and actions emphasizing smooth, seamless movements without any stress on the joints. The movements heal and rejuvenate, working intensely within the fascial lines of the body.  This comprehensive movement system created by James D’silva uses the breath as the principal guiding force which works to fire up the body with warmth and energy and calms down the nervous system.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, looking for an alternative to a traditional gym or already an accomplished athlete, Garuda Pilates will challenge your body resulting in better mobility, less pain and faster results.