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Our Classes:

15tofit…Never have more than 9 people in class!  We strive to help our clients develop good form and healthy movement patterns. Because the numbers our low, we can help correct errors in form MODIFY exercises for our clients.

…Are effective and efficient. ACCOMPLISH IN ONE HOUR WHAT TAKES TWO HOURS IN THE GYM.  It is the workout for Hollywood celebrities and society’s elite for decades for a reason. It works! At 15 to Fit Pilates, Barre and Fitness we’ve formulated Pilates to make it even more effective by combining it with vertical Pilates which whittles your waist, tones your legs, hips and thighs and banishes under arm flab for good.

…Are Supervised and Safe. We strive to change the way the world works out. We believe everyone, everywhere should be doing Pilates– it’s simply that good for you. Pilates is inspiring, intense, and fun. It’s a lifelong way to exercise. It’s systematically progressive ensuring you improve at a sustainable rate and has a much lower injury risk compared to other impact-oriented, low supervised exercise programs.

15 to Fit Intro Month $99: This incredible deal will start you on your way to getting into the best shape of your life. 15 to Fit Pilates shape. For new clients, you will receive Unlimited Classes for one month for $99. If you have never tried Equipment-based Pilates we strongly suggest pairing this with our Orientation Private Session. The $49 Orientation session is a 50-minute private session that will be curtailed exactly to your needs. It will help orient you with the equipment and help improve the results of your first month.
15 to Fit Eight: Make 15 to Fit Pilates the go-to workout and the core of a solid fitness routine. Members typically see faster, better results and develop a thorough understanding of core Pilates fundamentals. On average, work out about twice per week with convenient class times to meet your busy schedule.
15 to Fit Junior: From 12 to 20 years old, fitness is not only critical in establishing healthy habits and self confidence, but 15 to Fit builds a solid foundation for strong muscles, healthy joints, flexibility, balance and a strong core. Our Junior membership is available to individual as and even teams who want to maintain peak performance during the important developmental years.
15 to Fit Unlimited: Considering results and individualized personal attention this membership is THE BEST FITNESS DEAL IN ALL OF LAKE NORMAN! Plan to work out three times per week or more? First of all, AMAZING! 15 to Fit will meet and exceed all expectations. Our unlimited clients have the best results month after month and year after year. The more you do 15 to Fit Pilates, the more fit you become. The results are PHENOMENAL when you commit to yourself at this level.
15 to Fit Annual: Sometimes it makes sense to pay in advance. 15 to Fit Annual is our hassle-free option for unlimited access to 15 to Fit without paying a monthly membership fee. You receive 10% off of our total package rate when you buy in full.
15 to Fit Private Sessions: 15 to Fit Private session membership options are exclusive and offer the greatest return on your investment. These sessions are individually structured just for you and your needs and help you adhere to your program, whether or not you enjoy exercising. 15 To Fit Private Session members also receive FREE classes every month to further enhance their results. The accountability and precision of privates plus the value added classes are a winning combination for our goal-achieving clients.

* Orientation Private Session: Not required but strongly suggested for those that have never done equipment-based reformer Pilates or may have modification due to injuries or aches and pains.  During this personalized 50 minute private session you will:

  • Become oriented to the equipment
  • Become familiar with the Pilates principle that helps to flatten your belly
  • Establish your goals and develop motivation


Level 1.0

If you have never tried Pilates Equipment but have always wanted to, this level is for you. This is for people new to Pilates, those that have not been in a regular exercise routine the past six months, those with injuries or limitations, and athletes looking for a recovery workout. Every exercise at this level will have a modification allowing each person to work at the level that is best for them. The pace of this class is moderate and people are encouraged to take breaks and work at the pace that best suits their individual needs. This is also an appropriate level for athletes that are looking to increase mobility, improve posture and incorporate activation exercises into their routines.

Pilates experience: 0-6 months.

Level 1.5

If you have practiced Pilates before or have limited experience in Pilates equipment but have been in a consistent exercise program for the past 6 months, this level is for you. Intermediate exercises are introduced into your practice. As with Level 1, modifications will be provided. The pace of Level 1.5 is quicker, increasing your stamina and the number of exercises

Pilates experience: 0-6 months.

Level 2.0

If you have practiced Pilates Equipment consistently for the past six months and are looking for a tough workout, this is your level. Intermediate Pilates exercises are the bulk of the workout with some beginner and advanced exercises layered in.

Pilates experience: 3-6 months

Level 2.5

If you have been taking a Level 2.0 consistently for a few months and are up for a new challenge, choose a 2.5! The .5 extra makes every exercise just a little more difficult. If unsure, please ask your 15 to Fit Instructor if you are ready for Level 2.5. This is for experienced Pilates enthusiasts, not just fitness enthusiasts.

Pilates experience: 6 months+

1.0-2.0 Jumpboard Pilates and Cardio Barre

15toFit_0113This is the essential class of 15 to Fit Pilates, Barre and Fitness and will dramatically tone and strengthen your legs! You will use a combination of the Allegro2 Reformer, Barre, Jump board, Pilates mat, hand weights and props. More often than not we will do Barre exercises too. The equipment used will vary from week to week. If needed modifications are given for all exercises including the Jumpboard using our Balanced Body Cloud cover. The Cloud Cover is a cushion placed on top of the Jumpboard to reduce impact on your feet, ankles, hips and knees.



1.0-2.0 Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone

15toFit_0100Build muscles, burn fat and increase your flexibility all in one class. Tone your arms! This workout combines the strengthening of our Cross-Core 180 Suspension body weight trainers (think TRX only better) with the lengthening and toning benefits of Pilates. The Cross Core 180s work for all levels because you can either stand up more to make it easier, or get more horizontal and increase the amount of your weight you are lifting. We combine this with the Allegro2 Reformer Pilates for a total body workout in 50 minutes.



1.5-2.0 Circuit Pilates

15toFit_0110Get cardio, strengthening and all the benefits of Pilates in this heart-pumping class. Exercises will be explained in the beginning of class and you will go around in a circuit using the various pieces of Pilates, Cross-Core, Weight training equipment. You will use the Pilates spring board and Chair too in this unique and exciting class.



1.0-2.0 Pilates Express 40

15toFit_0023This is a 40-minute lunch express workout with an extra five minutes of stretching at the end if your schedule allows you to stay. You will gain all the benefits physically and mentally in this Classical Pilates class that will challenge you to work deeply into your muscles. Experience the challenge and relaxation of Classical Pilates. Advanced and beginners alike will get modifications and variations. You will gain a solid foundation for Pilates and will receive some challenging balance and stability training too.



1.0-2.0 Classical Pilates Plus

15toFit_0093You will gain all the benefits physically and mentally in this 50 Minute Classical Pilates class that will challenge you to work deeply into your muscles. Experience the challenge and relaxation of Classical Pilates. Advanced and beginners alike will get modifications and variations. You will gain a solid foundation for Pilates and will receive some challenging balance and stability training too.




  • Classes are 50 minutes long and begin on time.
  • Classes require online registration in advance at www.15toFit.com.
    (Please download our Mobile App for complete convenience)
  • Private sessions require at least a 24-hr notice online cancellation.
  • Classes require at least a 12-hr notice online cancellation.